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•  Research-based standards and best practice in hypnotherapy and psychotherapy are the principal goals of the Register.
•  Members include accredited hypnotherapists who adhere to the philosophy and values of evidence-based practice.
•  The Register provides a simple route for professional accreditation in evidence-based hypnotherapy and psychotherapy.
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Our online directory lists professional hypnotherapists and psychotherapists currently adhering to REBHP's evidence-based professional standards.
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What is Evidence-Based

Brain Diagram - Hypnotherapy RegisterThe strength of research evidence supporting the field of clinical hypnosis has been historically obscured by stage hypnosis and pseudo-scientific theories. The Register requires members to practice hypnotherapy based on credible research evidence and mainstream psychological theories. Read more

Is your hypnotherapist selecting the best treatment for you?

“What treatment, by whom, is most effective for this individual with that specific problem, under which set of circumstances?” – Gordon Paul (1967) 

Our goal is that hypnotherapists stay up to date with research and developments in the field of psychology, hypnosis and psychotherapy - so that they can knowledgeably select the best treatment for their clients. Read more
Why become a Member?
All members display a professional designation demonstrating their status as a registered evidence-based practitioner. This provides both members of the public and medical professionals with assurance that they are dealing with a competent therapist. Members of this hypnotherapy register also benefit from free subscription to the leading hypnosis research journal and much more...  Read more  


Summary of Advertising Standards Authority guidance for hypnotherapists
We've put together essential reading regarding the extension of the ASA's remit to cover business websites.

Online Research Resources:
Our webpage that gives you quick links to all the major peer-reviewed hypnosis journals and online searches for clinical evidence of treatments.

Training in Hypnotherapy
Find a school offering evidence-based hypnotherapy training

Evidence-Based Practice

Evidence-based practice is the integration of best research evidence with clinical expertise and patient values.
Sacket et al., 2000.

Evidence-Based Triad 

Evidence-based therapists carefully combine their own clinical skill and experience with the best available research evidence relevant to their field, in a manner tailored to their clients' individual needs. Read more


International Journal of Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis (IJCEH)

IJCEH is recognised as the leading journal in the field of hypnosis research. All registrants receive copies as part of their membership subscription - and in addition have online access to IJCEH.

IJCEH Recent articles:

Study on gastric band hypnosis vs relaxation hypnotherapy for weight loss finds no difference.

Non-hypnotic positive suggestions before total hip or knee arthroplasties significantly decreases the necessity for transfusion.

Hypnosis not as effective as local anaestheisa for dental pain

Study provides initial support for the use of hypnotic relaxation therapy to reduce anxiety among breast-cancer survivors.

Iranian study suggests that hypnosis could effectively reduce pain after gall bladder removal and significantly reduce hospitalization time.




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