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REBHP Summary of Guidance from the ASA and Committee of Advertising Practicse (CAP)
Essential reading for any hypnotherapist marketing their services online or advertising in anyway.

Suicide Risk: A Guide for Primary Care and Mental Health Staff

An excellent brief guide on suicide risk assessment and management.

Online Research Resources
A listing of the best websites for researching evidence for hypnosis and hypnotherapy treatments.

Client Factsheet: Hypno-Psychotherapy (2008)
This is a basic factsheet designed for therapists to use with their clients at the initial consultation.  It provides introductory information about hypnotherapy which will be of interest to those new to the subject as well.

Special Report on the Medical & Scientific Status of Hypnotherapy (2000-2008)
by Donald Robertson
This detailed report reviews the history of hypnotherapy in terms of its evaluation and recognition by various committees assigned to review the relevant evidence, from the late Victorian era, to the present day.


Clinical Expertise in Hypno-Psychotherapy (2008)
by Donald Robertson
A review of current thinking on clinical expertise and the integration of empirically validated treatment protocols into clinical practice

Clinical Research Review: abstracts from IJCEH
The April and July editions of the International Journal for Clinical & Experimental Hypnosis (IJCEH) are both Special Issues on ‘Evidence-Based Practice in Clinical Hypnosis.’ In his opening article, guest editor Assen Alladin and colleagues, review the status of hypnotherapy as an evidence-based practice.


Hypno-CBT(rtm) : Evidence-Based & Cognitive-Behaviour al Approaches to Hypnotherapy (2008)
by Donald Robertson
A basic introduction to the theory and practice of cognitive-behavioural hypnotherapy.


Hypnotherapy: The Original Rational & Cognitive Therapy (2006)
by Donald Robertson
A short article on the history of hypnosis and the use by well-known hypnotherapists of "rational persuasion", a prototypical cognitive therapy approach, at the start of the 20th century.


A Brief Introduction to Cognitive-Behaviour al Hypnotherapy (2007)
by Donald Robertson
Another brief article providing an introduction and overview to the field of cognitive-behavioural hypnotherapy.


The House of Lords Select Committee on Science & Technology - Sixth Report (1999) On Complementary & Alternative Medicine
This Government report classified hypnotherapy alongside other branches of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM), shaping the modern CAM sector in the UK . The authors recognised that hypnotherapy overlapped both the CAM and psychotherapy sectors, "Professional organisation of hypnotherapists is complicated, partly because there is an overlap with the organisations representing psychotherapists who do not consider themselves complementary or alternative [...]."

The National Occupational Standards for Hypnotherapy (2002)
These are the official National Occupational Standards published by Skills for Health, the sector skills council for the UK health sector. They define the basic competencies and knowledge required to practice hypnotherapy.
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The British Medical Association (BMA) Committee Report on Hypnosis (1892)
The full text of the seminal medical committee report which led to the approval of hypnosis as an orthodox medical treatment in the UK following investigation by a team from the British Medical Association.


James Braid & the Discovery of Hypnosis (1841)
This story, from the memoirs of Dr. Williamson, Professor of Natural History at Owns College , Manchester, is quoted by the hypnotist John Milne Bramwell.  Dr. Williamson was there to observe the historic incident that inspired James Braid to develop his theory of hypnotism in opposition to the “animal magnetism” of Mesmer.







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